Basic tools every home bar should have!

So after this plenty of time at home that this worldwide lockdown offered us, we all made some precious space for that sacred household addition: the home bar. But the truth is that to reproduce top quality drinks while in your pyjamas, takes a little bit more than just motivation. There are bottles to buy, techniques to master and last but not least, you need some appropriate tools that sometimes even experienced bartenders are missing from their home bar.

Here is a short introduction to some of the most essential tools that will make your home made cocktails look and taste almost as good as those at your fav bar, or even better!

  • The Jigger

You made a cocktail once and it tasted good, but the trick to make the same cocktail taste fantastic every time, is to master the art of perfect measurement. And let’s admit, measuring top notch spirits with a coffee cup is not “sexy”. The Perfect tool to achieve that is a jigger. Often coming with different measurements of 2cl/4cl, 2,5cl/5cl or else, precision made simple! Get your’s here.

  • The Shaker

Some cocktails certainly need to be shaken, and while shaking definitely is a skill to aspire, the home mixologist also will de able to do the trick with the right equipment. The two part shaker which is the one mostly used in craft cocktail bars, is the easiest to use as it is to clean. You just have to pour the ingredients in the one part, add ice, put on the other part with an angle, give it a good smack to close, and shake it babe! Buy one here.

  • The mixing Glass

Martinis and Manhattans should be stirred, always and forever! If you are a fan of this kind of drinks, the mixing glass is the tool that you can’t skip. And in the same case, you probably don’t need instructions on how to use a mixing glass. Just make sure that you have one with a thick and heavy base that doesn’t scoot around your counter while you’re stiring your drinks.

  • The Bar-spoon

If as mentioned before, you are a fan of the drinks that need to be stirred, then you probably know this utensil is as important as any other mixing vessel in your home. One with an extra long and narrow handle will help you opt the perfect balance between chilling and dilution.

  • The Strainer

Once you’ve perfectly stirred that Manhattan or shaken that Daiquiri to frost, you need a tool to keep those ice cubes, muddled fruits or other ingredients out of your fancy glass. A strainer will do the trick, and while there are several types of them, a classic Hawthorne is the best value for money investment as it fits perfectly with all types of mixing glasses or two-parts shakers. You can find one here.

  • The Muddler

Especially during summer months you see all this fresh fruits and herbs filling with colours the selfs of your local grocery store and you definitely wand to use them for some refreshing cocktails at your terrace or garden for the luckiest of you. If that sounds like you, you need to buy a Muddler. Preferably a wooden one.

  • Some Garnishing tools

And now that you perfectly executed your favourite cocktail and it has nothing in terms of taste to envy from the one at the local bar, you’re still feeling that there’s something missing. Presentation is of course very important and as in the kitchen, also in the bar there are quiet a lot of gadget tools to to help you garnish your drinks. you don’t need to by them all but for sure a good peeler, a citrus planer, a small grater and some garnishing skewers will be the game changers. Find some here.


These are less or more the essential tools every self-respectful home-bar enthusiast should poses, and this is just a brief mention to all of them. Follow us as we’ll navigate through each one of them thoroughly.