We are living the times that everyone is trying to protect themselves and their loved ones not from a natural disaster or an obvious hazard but from something that proved to be even more powerful even if it’s invisible! On top of that, the situation is totally unpredictable.

No doubt the impact of this pandemic has been devastating to the bar industry and the hospitality in general, but let’s try to spot on some more positive facts that might come along.

First of all secretly but with no guilts we all enjoyed this kind-off “free” time given to spend some quality moments with our loved ones at home. Tiding things up, reading some books, watching movies, mastering our cooking techniques, or even enjoying some homemade cocktails in the coziness of our very own couch! Such a luxury especially for the bar industry professionals…

Another one of them and maybe the most important for the future of our planet’s climate: this quarantine situation led to a huge reduction of the daily CO2 emissions in our atmosphere due to the restriction of daily commuting. And besides the quarantine is hopefully a temporary situation which will soon be finished, it put some solid foundations for more “work from home” opportunities. Well… if more people have to work from home in the future, chances are that they will be more in the need of an after office sling in their local bar, just to relax or do some social networking.

Talking about after quarantine life, bars and restaurants will open again, but for a period of time there will be some restrictions in terms of numbers of guests in an establishment or even a minimum distance between tables. Let’s hope not a plexiglass panel separating the bar from the rest of the world like in the supermarket cash desks!!! I know we are all thinking that this will be a very difficult and challenging situation for all such establishments, but on the other hand it will be a really good opportunity to improve the overall service quality. And who knows? This could skyrocket the evolution of cocktail techniques and presentations.

In the bottomline, we could all agree that we are witnessing an unprecedented situation with no semblance of normal. So let’s band all together and try to do the right thing with the hope that it will work out, and when this ends, it will be our responsibility to be there behind our stick for our guests, our neighbours, our city.